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Challnge - It's NOT a TYPO

virtual health and fitness challngesvirtual health and fitness challngesvirtual health and fitness challngesvirtual health and fitness challngesvirtual health and fitness challngesvirtual health and fitness challnges

Challnge Yourself To Change

virtual health and fitness challnges

Fitness Challnge's

Fitness Challnges to help take your fitness to a whole new level.

Health Challnge's

Health Challnges to build healthy long term habits that will add years to your life.

Swag and Brag

Complete your goal and earn your bragging rights. Show off your medal.


Connect with others who are on a health and fitness journey.


Social Pledge

Make your commitment to the challnge public by publishing your pledge to participate.

Progress Not Perfection

Share your progress as you go. Members of the community cheer you on.

The Brand is Challnge – It’s not just a typo.

You know the saying you must Challenge Yourself to Change Yourself, or If it don’t challenge you, it wont change you. This is how my idea for Challnge was born. It’s virtual health and fitness challenges that you don’t JUST participate in, you get rewarded for.

Choosing Health and Fitness.

Choose a challenge that will change you. Health and Fitness challenges can up your fitness game or improve your overall health. Do the challenge at a level of intensity that is right for you. If you are choosing the 1,000 squat challenge break it up to do a few squats each day throughout the month OR if you are more advanced complete it sooner.

fitness challenges

Fitness is NOT one size fits all

You have 30 days to complete your challenge. We provide you with some ways you can make the challenge more advanced or you can keep it simple. Just make sure it challenges you!

Motivation & Accountability

Accountability is the key to being successful with completing your goals. When you publicly pledge that you are going to do something you are more likely to complete your goals.

Share on Social Media

We will have social hashtags associated with the challnge so other challngers can find you and keep you motivated as well. Special rewards will be provided to active social media participants.

Don't Wish For It, Work For It!

Ready to accept the challenge? Do 1,000 squats over 30 days. If you are a beginner set up a goal to do 33 squats every day. If you are more advanced finish the goal in less days.

Hydration Challnge

Water is what your body needs. The goal is to make sure you are getting enough. Replace your sugary drinks with water and make sure you get at least 64oz a day.

Challnge Features

New Challenges Monthly

Monthly New Challnges

Each month we will be adding new health and fitness challenges. This means you will have more options to choose from.

Select Your Challenge

Can’t decide on participating in a health or fitness challenge? Choose both you can always sign up for more than one challenge at a time.

Intensity Levels

Think the basic challenge is too easy? Make it more intense by adding weights, or completing the challenge before other participants to earn your bragging rights.


Publicly pledge your commitment to the challenge. Share on social media and have your friends help cheer you along the way. The more that join, the more fun.

Progress Log

We would love to know how you are progressing. Post your progress log. Having a little bit of competition can only help push you to go hard or go home.

Swag and Brag

Hit your goal? Take a selfie with your reward. This is the best part – brag and show off your swag. Awesome social media photos can win special rewards.

Be Your Best Self


Are You Ready To Change?

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